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Sometimes you just want a quick answer to a simple question. We have put together a list of frequently asked lawn questions and the answers to help you get the information you want so that you have more time to spend on your lawn.

When can I start Cutting my Lawn?

There is no official month to start cutting your lawn, this depends on the weather. If it has been mild for a few weeks the grass will start to grow and there will be no harm if you smarten it up with a quick cut.

For example, the weather may have been mild throughout December and as long as the grass is not frosty it will be quite safe to cut the grass in January. It may turn cold again and the grass will simply stop growing until the weather turns mild again.

Should I Water my Lawn in Hot Weather?

In the majority of cases (domestic Lawns) the answer is NO. There is no need to water the lawn unless you are desperate to keep the lawn green through out the summer.

The grass may look as if it is dying by turning brown but underneath there is still plenty of life and the lawn will recover quite successfully as soon as there is significant rain fall.

When Should I Scarify my Lawn?

You can scarify the lawn in either Autumn or Spring. If you decide to scarify in the autumn you will remove all the thatch and detritus that has built up over the summer, this allows air to circulate around the blades of grass more freely which will help prevent disease..
The spring is a great time to scarify, the lawn will recover quicker as the grass is heading into it’s natural growing season.

How long Should I leave the Sprinkler on to Water the Lawn?

There is no definitive answer as there are many factors which affect how water moves through the soil. As a rough guide, leave a cup under the sprinkler. When the water level in the cup has reached 2 inches that should be a sufficient amount of water to reach the roots of the grass.

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