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The Simple Guide to Lawn Fertiliser

There are a huge array of lawn fertilisers on the market today.

How do you know if you are buying the right one and getting value for money?

All fertilisers, whether they are for lawns or plants, are measured by their nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content. This is quoted on every packet as a percentage of N P K.

N – Nitrogen

Nitrogen helps the plant or lawn produce lush leafy growth.

P – Phosphorus

Phosphorus helps the lawn below ground enabling it to produce a strong healthy root system. This is essential to help a new lawn get established. It also helps plants with flower and fruit production.

K – Potassium

Potassium gives plants strength to fight disease and helps with the overall health of the plant or lawn


The higher the N Nitrogen percentage on the packet, the more lush, thick and green your lawn will be. So you might see on the back of the packet 20-5-5, this means 20% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, 5% potassium. This is a great summer fertiliser and Lawn Builder is a highly recommended example of this.

If you are feeding the lawn in early spring, a lower Nitrogen % with a higher potassium content is needed. Look, for example, 6-5-10 which is 6% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus and 10% potassium. This will ensure that you do not promote much top growth, but give plenty of feed to the roots. This will keep the plant healthy. You can also use an autumn feed in spring as they usually contain iron to control the moss. Some good fertilisers for spring or autumn are Lawn Sand and Lawn Builder Autumn. Spread them using a Handy Spreader which gives you lots of control when fertilising your lawn.

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When selecting the fertiliser, check the m2 coverage. Pace out your lawn from one side to the other and then one end to the other. Multiply the two, giving you the square meterage of your lawn.

All Purpose Weed, Feed and Moss killers are great products if your lawn is in great all round condition. They help your lawn to tick over, keeping moss in check and perhaps putting an end to a few daisies and broad leaf weeds you might find in your lawn. See below for our list of recommended Weed, Feed and Moss Killers.

Sadly, in our experience though, few domestic lawns are that healthy and actually require a bit more oomph to get them up to scratch.

Weeds in the Lawn

If you have a few too many weeds in your lawn, it is best to go over it with a selective weed killer. This will kill the weeds but not the grass. See our post on killing weeds with selective weed killers.

For Moss in the Lawn

Use a fertiliser that has added Iron (moss’s biggest enemy).

For summer use A Fertiliser with moss killer and for Spring/Autumn use Lawn Sand

There are also No Rake Moss Killer/Fertilisers available

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