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Scarifiers for Small Lawns

Scarifying lawns are not just for big gardens. Whether your lawn is big or small, scarifying is one of the best treatments you can give your lawn, to keep it looking green, healthy and free from moss. You don’t even need a big powerful machine costing hundreds of pounds either. Let’s look at the Best Lawn Scarifiers for Small Gardens.

Don’t be fooled, small lawns can sometimes be more work than you might expect. The main reason is that the small lawn is often sheltered or shaded by a house, fence or nearby trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, shading can often be the cause of excessive moss growth and thatch build-up.

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Is it Worth Buying a Scarifier?

Buying a scarifier for your garden is a good investment. The scarifier will remove moss and thatch that has built up over the season. Allowing your lawn to breathe and new grass shoots to flourish, giving a greener and thicker lawn free from disease.

So, is it worth buying a scarifier for a small lawn? Lawn scarifying machines are not built with any magic toolery. They are simply fast-rotating blades or tines that winkle out the dead matter from the lawn. You could do an equally good job with a metal tine rake, BUT! It is very hard work even on the smallest of lawns.

However, you don’t need to rush out and spend hundreds of pounds on another garden machine you have to find space or remember to buy fuel for.

The good news is, there are manual lawn scarifiers! Using up no more space than a garden rake. These great little tools have wheels either side of a row of fixed blades made from strong metal. Using a back and forth rolling motion, the metal blades rip out thatch and moss as it goes.

Why don’t I just use a rake? I hear you ask. Although swinging a rake backwards and forwards doesn’t sound like a lot of work. It can soon become tiring, coupled with placing pressure on the rake handle in order for the rake tines to do their job, can really take its toll.

That’s the beauty of the manual scarifier, the wheels make the job a whole lot easier. The metal blades are designed in such a way that they skim the soil surface. Lifting the thatch and moss from between the blades of grass, with very little effort from you. Very similar to the motion when using a vacuum cleaner.

Scarifiers for Small Lawns

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Electric Scarifiers for Small Lawns

If you still think it might be an effort to do the whole lawn manually, there are a few small electric scarifiers that won’t take up too much room in your shed.

The smallest scarifier we could find is the Black and Decker Lawn Raker. Using up very little space with a footprint of 50cm square.

If you want some more information on scarifying or whether to go for a lawn scarifier or lawn raker. I have written a more in-depth article. You can find it HERE.