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No Rake Moss Removers do an exceptional job of Killing moss and unlike other moss killers, they remove the moss too. However, the process moss removers use to get rid of the moss, can be slower than using a granular moss killer and removing the moss manually.

Love it or hate it, moss can be found in nearly every lawn. If like me, you would rather see less moss in the lawn, then there are a number of ways you can reduce the moss and not all need to be back-breaking work!

The conventional way to remove moss is to first kill the moss using an iron-based fertiliser. Once the moss has turned dark it can be removed using a lawn scarifier or rake. You can read our article on scarifiers and lawn rakers here.

What are No Rake Moss Removers for Lawns?

No rake moss killers are granular products that contain large amounts of potassium. The potassium encourages a bacteria called Bacillus, to grow. As the bacteria thrive they consume the moss. The main ingredient in moss removers is also an essential element in lawn fertilisers and this helps the lawn to thrive.

The hardest part of using No Rake Moss Killers is applying the moss remover to the lawn. Once you have done this, using a fertiliser spreader, you need to leave the grass alone and let the product do the job.

Nature is a wonderful thing so let’s break down all that technical information and explain exactly how moss removers work.

How do they Work?

On the back of every lawn fertiliser packet, you will find a box which contains the NPK (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) make up of the fertiliser. These are the important elements that help your lawn to thrive. Most standard summer fertilisers have a high nitrogen content, this helps the grass to grow fast and thick. No Rake Moss Removers have a far higher Potassium content.

Potassium is important because it strengthens the cell walls of the grass and promotes healthy strong growth. Enabling the lawn to fight disease and withstand periods of stress, especially in times of drought.

Moss removing fertilisers are slower to work and this is where they differ from normal lawn fertilisers which have a high nitrogen content. The potassium will take time to work its way into the root system and benefit the plant but when it does… it really does! Creating a strong, tough lush sward of grass.

So the combination of moss munching bacteria and the strengthening powers of potassium may take time to show results but when they do you will find the moss cannot compete with the thick lush grass. The natural cycle of stronger grass and less moss covering the soil surface allows the grass to thrive and the ever-increasing cycle of lawn health starts to show results.

The Best No Rake Moss Removers

We’ve scanned the internet to find the Best No Rake Moss Removers based on the potassium content and here is the data:

  • Miracle-Gro Evergreen No Rake Moss Killer
    • NPK of 4-5-19 Potassium content of 19%
  • Vitax Moss Remover No Rake
    • NPK of 5-2-15 Potassium content of 15%
  • Viano Mo Bacter
    • NPK of 5-5-20 Potassium content of 20%
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How to use Moss Removing Fertilisers

Apply no rake moss removers in March, be patient and allow the product to work for the next 6 – 8 weeks, it will work!

You don’t need to worry about watering the granule in, these fertilisers won’t burn your lawn like standard fertilisers. The granules will break down with the moisture from the air and this is England and as sure as eggs are eggs, it will rain! However, the manufacturers suggest watering the product in if you have pets or children that may use the area.

Are No Rake Moss Removers worth it?

These fertilisers might be slightly more expensive than other fertilisers but they are definitely worth considering to keep the moss in your lawn at bay. When considering the cost, bear in mind the time you will have to spend removing the moss manually, the cost of buying or hiring a scarifier and the strong unpleasant smell of iron that conventional moss killers produce. The moss removers won’t stain your patio or driveway either.