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Are you only seeing big jackdaws, pigeons, and crows in your garden? We thought so! Don’t worry, this happens a lot. We’re here to save you! In this article we look at bird feed for small birds and how to attract them into your garden.

What Can I Feed Small Birds?

Fat Balls

The majority of small birds love fat balls. However, they are only beneficial during wintertime. Why? Because that’s when our gorgeous little birds need a bit of a boost.

Although you can purchase fat balls in mesh, try to refrain from doing this as much as possible. The net is a huge danger to our winged friends, if they are not careful their tiny feet can get trapped between the holes. 

Sunflower Seeds

As you might already know, sunflower seeds can be a problem as larger birds can bully the smaller birds. Use a small bird feeder, these feeders have very small ports for feeding and this will stop the larger birds from getting there first.

Nyjer Seeds

You will need a proper feeder for nyjer seeds because they are tiny but that’s why they benefit small birds so much! The larger birds won’t be able to reach inside the feeders. So, as long as they are up high enough, the little birds will treat it as their very own food-laden sanctuary.

Mealworms or Waxworms

Robins and tits especially like mealworms and waxworms. You can buy them pre-dried so you don’t have to deal with all the wriggling! However, don’t overfeed with these. They can lead to softened bones which won’t do the small birds any good.

Bushes and Trees

Planting shrubs and trees isn’t going to help them overnight but they do offer a natural food source. Not to mention that shrubs help small birds camouflage themselves from predators, allowing them to feel safe in your garden

How to Attract Small Birds to My Garden?

Okay, now you know what is the best bird feed for small birds, you need to know how to attract small birds into your garden.

#1 Provide Fresh Water

Make sure you have somewhere for the little birds to drink. You can use regular kitchenware bowls if you’d like. Just make sure they are heavy enough to withstand the winds that may come blasting through your garden.

#2 Provide Food Meant For Small Birds

You already know what to do here! Ensure the feeders are placed high in the trees. If you’re scared of heights and don’t fancy getting up their yourself, you can buy a handy, extendable pole to help you

#3 Keep It Clean

Birds are notorious for transmitting diseases — and small birds are even more likely to be catastrophically harmed by them. With this in mind, make sure to clean your feeders and water bowls out every day. 

#4 Make It Safe

Little birds are shy. They are often hunted by cats and birds of prey (sparrowhawks usually). To make sure they feel safe in your garden, ensure there is plenty of leafy hideaways and crevices that they can sneak into. A good way to do this is to leave some of your garden growing wild. There will be plenty of nooks and crannies for your small birds here!

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