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There is no doubt that the main brands do a good job at killing algae. However, they don’t all kill moss, so beware.

All the algae and moss killing products available, are supplied as a concentrate. This means they need to be mixed with water before they can be applied.

If you are not keen on spraying or don’t have a sprayer and prefer to use an easy to apply granule. Have a look at this article on killing moss the easy way.

Nearly all the mainstream products available quote maximum coverage areas.This is achieved by mixing more water with the concentrate provided, therefore giving a weaker solution.

Many of the cleaner concentrates are sold in bulk packs. One we found was selling 4 bottles of concentrate for around £30. If this was mixed as suggested, it would cover a massive 960 sqm, that’s a lot of mixing and spraying!

You may feel like you are getting more for your money. In reality its a bit like washing a lot of greasy plates with a tiny squirt of washing up liquid.

If you are not used to working out square areas and the amount of solution to cover that area. These off the shelve products, can involve a bit of brain work to ensure enough of the mix goes on to kill the moss or algae.

How to Work Out Patio Cleaner Mix and Area Coverage

I will try to explain this as simply as I can

You will often see in the marketing blurb “One 5 Litre bottle of concentrate makes a minimum of 30 litres of solution ” .This means the bottle you buy is mixed 1:5. So 1 bottle of bought concentrate will be mixed with 25 litres of water.

1:5 means 5 Litres of water x 5 = 25L of water + 1 Litre of concentrate = 30 Litres of Solution. (so there we are, as clear as mud!)

or “Mix 1 Litre of Concentrate with 4 Litres of water” .

1:4 means 4 Litres of water x 5 (because there is 5L of concentrate) = 20L of water + 1 Litre of concentrate = 25 Litres of solution.

The Best Products for Killing Moss and Algae

Kills Moss

Kills Algae 

Prevents Regrowth

Use If Rain is Imminent

Approx Price m2

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Chemicals can be an easy way of cleaning patios but they are not for everyone. Have a look at our guide on Buying the Right Pressure Washer for Cleaning your Patio.

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