Humane Cat and Bird Scarer for the Garden

We all love to see animals and birds in our garden. However it can be incredibly frustrating when we have just sown grass seed on our newly prepared lawn or annuals direct in the soil amongst our borders to see a neighbouring cat or even worse our own purring feline scratching away in the soft soil or birds swooping down for a breakfast.
The kindest way to put an end to this is to install a Motion detection sprinkler.
These great little devices consist of a standard garden sprinkler head mounted on a battery operated motion detecting unit or magic eye as they are more commonly known. Based on the motion sensors that activate our outside lights, these sprinklers connect to a hose pipe and then are pushed into the ground to cover the area to protect. When a pest enters the area the sprinkler is set off for one quick cycle and then switches off catching the offender by surprise. Many of these devices have settings for distance so you are not caught unawares too! they are inexpensive and have the added bonus of watering your seeds at the same time!