Tiny Planters For Succulents

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Tiny Planters for Succulents

Tiny succulent plants in tiny planters are the perfect way to add some colour, vibrancy and green to your desk, window sill or bedside table without overwhelming your space.  Tiny planters for succulents make a lovely decoration and can add some real pizazz to a small space.  When paired with a special or unique pot or display, tiny planters make a gorgeous present too.

Mini plants in pots?

When most people think of indoor plants they think of the usual palms, ficus and so on. Many people do not have space nor like these large indoor plants so opt for something different. Tiny planters for succulents are a decorative and cute way to make the most of small spaces or nooks and crannies. They can live in unexpected places or fill a spot in the home that looks empty or bare. They also come in so many creative versions that they add a real sense of unique style to your environment. Better still, like all plants, mini plants are a brilliant way to naturally purify the air in your home.

Can succulents stay in small pots?

Succulents can stay in small pots due to their small root system. When succulents are restricted by small pots, they slow down their growth because they have no room to spread out. They can actually stay in a tiny environment for months or even years if cared for properly. Eventually, the small plants will outgrow the pot and need to be re-potted. What a great way to increase your tiny plant portfolio!

What kind of succulents stay small?

Succulents such as certain types of Sempervivum, also called ‘Hen and Chick’ plants, are hardy perennials that grow well indoors and out, in cool or hot temperatures. They are the ideal plant for small indoor pots as they are incredibly resilient and make a beautiful display in most environments.

tiny planters for succulents

Sempervivums enjoy a large array of colours and tiny little flowers, from late spring through to late summer which makes them ideal for tiny planters. These tough little plants stay evergreen and require very little maintenance. Popular because of their classic rosette shape they are a great cornerstone to your mini succulent display.

Other types of succulents that are ideal for small planters are variations of Sedum, Echeveria, Haworthia and Gasteria. Haworthia and Echeveria are good choices because they do not grow fast or require much in the way of space. The Sedum is a very hardy and resilient plant. The ultimate tiny succulent is the Living Stone plant. This is, as the name suggests, the size of a small stone and will not ever get much larger.

How can I keep my succulents small?

There are two main ways to keep your succulent small. If it is a leafy succulent it may do best with some careful pruning. If it is a more rotund or squat plant then it is best to keep removing or breaking off the pups that start to sprout around their base.

Pups are the baby plants and they will grow up and crowd the parent plant. The fun thing about this method is that you can pot these pups into new pots for another display or give a new mini garden as a gift.

How do I take care of tiny planters for succulents indoors?

You need to be careful of your succulents when they are indoors. Whilst they are hardy plants, they do naturally like sunshine. Ideally, they like around 6 hours of sunshine a day which can be a challenge if they are indoors. You need to be mindful of their position in your home or office and to position them near or next to a window for maximum light. If that is a challenge, be sure to put them in a spot that has maximum light.

Watering is a big thing to get right with succulents. DO NOT water them every day. They don’t like over watering. Give them a big drink letting the water soak right down to the roots, let the soil dry and then repeat. You can spray the leaves in between waters to survive any dry times.

Make sure that they have good drainage and airflow. Terrariums and glass containers that do not drain can make the roots soggy. The little plants are best off in ceramic pots that are slightly porous. Also, make sure you have an effective soil mix that drains well, this will ensure that the roots don’t sit in wet conditions. These conditions will also help keep the bugs away from potentially rotten roots.

What’s the Best Plant for Bedrooms?

Other great mini plants to have that are low in maintenance and high in impact are air plants. All Air Plants start off small, but not all air plants stay that way. Air plants are lovely and add so much character and style into your living or working space.

best plants for bedrooms

One massive benefit of bringing air plants into your home or office is that they can purify the air you are breathing every day as they photosynthesize at night. So whilst you are dreaming, they are emitting fresh oxygen into the air. What a great reason to own an air plant and a great plant for your bedroom! 

Additional benefits of the air plant are that it is seriously NO MESS NO FUSS! Air plants don’t require soil to survive. This means they are a really clean and decorative feature to have on a desk, or in spots of your home where you normally couldn’t place a potted plant. These plants really suit a terrarium so if you are fond of the glass terrarium this is the way forward.