Epsom Salts

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Epsom Salts Superfood for Your Plants

Have you always wondered why your plants can look a bit sick, with curled leaves, yellowing foliage and slightly sparse, no matter how much you care for them? Nutrient lock up could be the reason and magnesium salts could be the answer.

Over the years, soil in pots and borders can become magnesium deficient. This is a problem because magnesium is a vital element that helps to strengthen plants’ cell walls and improves their ability to take up nitrogen (for strong green foliage) and phosphorus (for strengthening roots, hardiness, and maturity).

Epsom salts has long been used by commercial growers of tomatoes and peppers to ensure larger, sweeter fruit and better disease resistance due to a healthier, stronger plant.

Roses can be much improved by adding a handful of magnesium Salts around the base and gently working it into the soil around the roots. An increase in growth low down, larger blooms and better disease resistance, all add to a healthier looking plant.

Conifers with browning foliage, beans, lettuce and brassicas also benefit from a good dose of Epsom salts.

Hostas respond particularly well to epsom salts as they receive a boost of sulfur which aids the development of chlorophyll. if your hostas suffer from stunted yellowing curled leaves, epsom salts could give your plants that extra helping hand.

Epsom Salt Tip

  • Use 3 Teaspoons in a litre of water as a foliar spray and spray liberally on your plant just before flowering.
  • Alternatively, spread by hand around the base of the plant and gently fork the salts into the soil.

Miracle-Gro Magnesium Salts Natural Source of Epsom Salts 1.5kg

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  • supplies sulphur
  • vital for production of chlorophyll
  • ideal for tomatoes, lettuce and brassicas