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If you are reading this post it is very likely that these creatures are possibly your worst nightmare.

It may sound obvious but the best way to get rid of spiders and daddy long legs, is to stop them coming into your home in the first place. These little or, sometimes HUGE, beasties (as often described by the females in my family) will start heading in to your home at the beginning of Autumn.

The good news is spiders don’t actually like houses. They are too light and dry and there isn’t actually much food for them. If you can deter them from entering, you could have a trouble free winter.

How can I get rid of Spiders and Daddy Long Legs and stop them coming into my home?

Sticky Traps

These traps have got to be the best. Discreetly position these sticky traps under the sofa or behind furniture. The  pheromone glue attracts the spiders and then one in there is no escape as they are stuck to the card. They are child and pet friendly too!

Spider Killers

If you want to zap any creepy crawly There are sprays that will do the job!


There are a number of very effective Spider Deterrent Sprays on the market. The sprays contain a non toxic liquid leaving an invisible barrier which spiders and daddy longs really don’t like. You can spray around doorways and windows without staining paintwork or marking glass. The spray liquid is invisible so you wont know it is there. The barriers can be effective for up to three months.

Spider Vacs

Spider vacs are powerful battery operated vacuums which suck the spiders into the tube, you can then dispose of your catch outside. These  are great little devices as they enable you to reach right into corners and crevices where the spiders might hide. Fantastic for removing from baths and sinks too!

  • Spiders don’t Like water. They do not come up through the plughole in the bath or shower. It is most likely they accidentally fell in and couldn’t get out.
  • Most spiders that come into your house are only looking for a mate.
  • Spiders are more scared of you than….well you know the rest. If you come near them, they are likely to spin round and run like hell in the opposite direction.
  • The chances of them crawling over you while you are asleep is incredibly remote.
  • Jumping spiders are the most harmless.
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