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Which surfaces can I use Sodium Percarbonate on?

You can use Sodium Percarbonate to kill moss anywhere! From Block Paving to Tarmac, Indian Sand Stone, Wood, Roof Tiles, all Tennis Courts including artificial surfaces, Patios, Fences (spray only), Decks, Brickwork and Concrete. In fact anywhere you have moss or algae.

Why does Sodium Percarbonate work so well as a moss killer?

Once sodium percarbonate comes into contact with water, it causes a reaction which produces copious amounts of oxygen. This breaks down the very fine single roots called rhizoids, cutting off the plant’s support system.

How does it prevent Moss from returning?

In order to reproduce, moss produces spores. These single-celled organisms break off and are spread by wind or water. Sodium Percarbonate is brilliant at killing single celled organisms.

Why does it not kill other plants?

Sodium Percarbonate only affects single celled structures like bacteria, fungi and algae. Plants are multicelled.

Is it safe?

Yes. Sodium percarbonate breaks down into oxygen and water. In fact sodium percarbonate is the main ingredient in Vanish stain remover.  Keep away from the eyes and remember, when wet it can be an irritant to the skin.

If it’s so good why has nobody heard of it?

The simple answer is we don’t know but people are starting to. Sodium percarbonate is a multi-use, eco friendly, unbranded product which kills moss and algae (as well as being a brilliant home and laundry cleaner). It is easy to apply and stops moss and algae returning too.  It’s that simple. Why not try it, you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy sodium percarbonate easily from

9 Reasons you should use Sodium Percarbonate as a Moss Killer.

  1. Non Staining.
  2. It’s Eco Friendly.
  3. No impact on the environment.
  4. 100% No Odour.
  5. Easy to apply granule.
  6. No waste. You can even use it in you laundry wash!
  7. Prevents moss regrowth.
  8. Safe to use.

How to kill Moss and Algae on Hard Surfaces with Sodium Percarbonate.

Most suitable for killing moss on rough surfaces, roofs, block paving, tarmac, driveways and tennis courts

You will need approximately 15kg of sodium percarbonate to treat a whole tennis court

Wearing gloves, simply sprinkle sodium percarbonate by hand with 50g per square meter.

This method is best applied when rain is forecast or wet the area with a hose pipe first.


Mix 50g of sodium percarbonate with 1 litre of warm water, mix well and spray the moss or hard surface until soaked. 

Whichever method you choose, once you have applied the sodium percarbonate for killing moss and algae, try and leave it alone, go away and forget about it, it will die!