How to kill Clover in Lawns and save Bees

Beautiful striped lawns are often the center piece of well maintained gardens. However, towards the end of July and early August, white clover will start to show up amongst the grass, usually right in the center of your perfect light stripes!

Bees love white clover and we need as many bees in our garden as we can get. Unfortunately, whether we love striped lawns or not, we are pretty unforgiving with the lawn mower and the white clover flower that the bees love so much often ends up in the grass box.

So  What is the solution?

Clover can be tricky to remove completely but with a few applications of a Selective Weed Killer, you can easily start removing it from your lawn. Selective weed killers know that grass is grass and weeds are weeds so you can safely get rid of clover without harming the lawn.

Read our section on Killing Lawn Weeds and Moss.

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Keeping Bees in your garden

plants that attract bees into my gardenThe phrase “The Birds and The Bees” wasn’t invented without good reason! If we don’t have pollinators (insects) in our garden then our fruits, vegetables and flowers have little chance of reproducing without human intervention. Busy bees are one of the best pollinators, diving in and out of  flower heads collecting pollen and nectar and pollinating as they go.

So what plants will attract more bees?

  • Bees see the colour purple better than any other colour so plant lavender, buddleja and alliums.
  • Bees love tubular shaped flowers: Foxgloves, penstemons and snapdragons.
  • Bees are not big fans of double flowered varieties so don’t expect bees to visit these.
  • Plant  Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firedance’ and veronicastrum and you will hear the bees humming 50 feet away!