Leaf Blowers for Kids UK

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Is your little one always nagging about helping you clear leaves in the garden? But your answer is the leaf blower is just a bit too heavy? We hear you! Take a look at these leaf blowers for kids, they won’t do a brilliant job of clearing those pesky leaves but your children will have oodles of fun assisting you in the garden!

Children’s toy power tools are generally for 3 years and upwards. However, the tools that sit on the ground like lawnmowers and pressure washers are for 18 months and upwards. Don’t expect to have your whole garden done while you put your feet up, these tools are toys after all! Kids do love to help though and they will be kept occupied while you get on with the hard hard work ;-).

Toy Choi’s Kids Power Construction Leaf Blower

We love this one. Why? Because it has been moulded to the exact measurements of a real leaf blower! Your little one will truly feel like they are getting involved and helping you out. It comes with a detachable air hose and the motor does kick out some serious air. (Don’t worry, your child won’t be knocked over, it’s not that strong!)

  • Batteries – 3 x AA batteries, not included.
  • Weight – 600 grams.

Theo Klein 2776 Bosch Leaf Blower for Kids

Just like the previous one, the Theo Klein 2776 model makes real sounds and blows real air. It is identical to the full-size adult leaf blower. Nevertheless, your child is bound to have loads of fun with it.

It is the lightest of the bunch, so if this is a factor then go for this model

  • Batteries – 3 x AA batteries, not included.
  • Weight – 317 grams.

Teorema-VD65193 Battery Toy Leaf  Blower

The Teorema blower model is an eye-catching orange colour similar to the Shihl adult leaf blower that is guaranteed to make your child feel like they’re holding the real deal. It’s lightweight, blows real air, and is 100% safe for little hands.

  • Batteries – 3 x AA batteries, not included.
  • Weight – 500 grams.

Husqvarna 5864980  Toy Leaf Blower

The Husqvarna toy leaf blower is a perfect replica in the shape and colour of the real Husqvarna leaf blower! It is the most expensive of all the leaf blowers for kids, however, there is also toy Husqvarna lawnmowers and hedge trimmers available too. If your little one loves being out in the garden then this could be the set for them

  • Batteries – 3 x AAA batteries, not included.
  • Weight – 500 grams.

They Might Also Like These Kids Power Tools

Why stop with a leaf blower? You can kit your child out with all the garden tools so they can get stuck into helping you clean the car and patio or help with lawn mowing and hedge trimming!

Theo Klein 2702 Bosch Toy Lawn Mower

We love the rattling sound this one makes as your kid pushes it along the grass. It’s a definite crowd-pleaser for sure.

  • Batteries – No batteries needed
  • Weight – 760 grams. Not too heavy since they don’t need to lift it, just push the mower along the ground.

Kärcher Pressure Washer for Kids

This one comes complete with a window scraper. Oh, and it actually shoots water! Seriously, you won’t be able to drag them away from it!

  • Batteries – No batteries needed
  • Weight – 820 grams. This weight is for the entire toy. As you know, only the hose will be lifted by your child which is significantly lighter.

Theo Klein Bosch Toy Hedge Trimmer

When you switch the Theo Klein hedge trimmer on, a light will flash and you’ll immediately hear cutting sounds. Don’t stress, it won’t harm anyone (unless countless hours of fun is harmless!).

  • Batteries – 3 x AA batteries, not included.
  • Weight – 423 grams.