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Patio heaters with Bluetooth speakers are new on the market and they are bringing a new wave of entertainment to the garden. In this article we look at where you can safely use a patio heater, how much heat patio heaters actually produce? and the different patio heaters with Bluetooth speakers available.

If you love music then the chances of owning a Bluetooth speaker in your home are high, especially with music streaming services readily available on our phones. Of course, most Bluetooth speakers are portable so you could carry them outside. However, having a water-resistant outdoor speaker all ready to go in the garden is a real bonus. Especially if you love music!

Patio Heaters with Bluetooth Speakers.

There are a few factors you may want to take into consideration when choosing a patio heater with a speaker. This new breed of patio heater, offers additional lighting options, ease of mobility and two very different heating options. Let’s look at what’s available.

How do Patio Heaters Produce Heat?

Patio heaters produce heat in two different ways, using either propane gas or electric radiant heat technology. These two very different forms of heat have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Gas Heaters.

Gas patio heaters are the most popular and although have their disadvantages, they are a great way of heating outdoor spaces.

  • High heat capacity
  • Place anywhere
  • Can’t be used undercover
  • Could run out mid party!

Hot Tip: Have a look at Bioethanol Heaters/Fires

A powerful heater for the garden and inside the home for any time of the year.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat patio heaters heat objects and people, not the area in between. The heaters are therefore extremely economical and ideal for outside situations. A few points to consider.

  • Zero emissions
  • Economical
  • Can be used in enclosed areas
  • Unit needs to be a plug socket
  • Only heats objects and people not the air in between

Electric patio heaters require power and this could limit where you place the patio heater, it is possible to use an extension cable. However, ensure that if you are using an extension cable to run the heater, you select the correctly rated extension cable that will cope with the extra power required. For example, if the heater is rated at 2000w (2KW) the “Max Load” which will be written on the extension cable reel must be at least 2000w (2KW).

Using an Extension Cable Outside

  • Check MAX LOAD of extension cable
  • Uncoil all the cable from the reel to reduce heat build up
  • Use an RCD safety adapter


LED lighting is a fun option and can add atmosphere to your garden with a multitude of selectable colours and fades. The lights are operated by the included remote control. You will rarely find this option on the gas heaters.

IP Rating What does it mean?

Electrical equipment will have an IP rating. This stands for INGRESS PROTECTION and describes what protection an item has from objects like dust and water.

The first number following “IP” determines the protection the item has against foreign body intrusion. The second number determines the protection against moisture ingress. So for example.

IP45 – The “4” has protection against any object greater than 1mm and the “5” means the item can resist water splashing from any direction.

You can read more about IP ratings and their meanings HERE.

Do I Need a Cover For My Patio Heater?

Although the patio heaters are designed to take some degree of weather, which keeps them safe to use and protects them from water and dust. There is no substitute for a patio heater cover. The covers will protect the metal and plastic from the sun, wind and rain when not being used and will certainly prolong the life of your patio heater and help to ensure it’s operational when you come to use it.


There are only a few models available at present. If you are looking for a patio heater with a speaker that will heat a small area, perhaps between two chairs or next to a table then a 1500W (1.5KW) Heater would be sufficient. The Airwave 1500 Slimline is a good choice. However, if you are looking at heating a larger area then the 2000w (2KW) or above patio heaters are more preferable. The gas BU-KO Outdoor Heater with Speaker, is the most popular and would definitely add style to your patio. The Bluetooth speaker is rechargeable so doesn’t need mains power to be connected to run.

There is always the option to buy separate heaters and Bluetooth garden speakers (there are even speakers disguised as rocks!) Giving greater versatility if you have a large garden or patio. For more information on garden automation and what’s available you can read an article HERE.

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