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Geometric resin stag heads with antlers in 3D are taking the interior design world by storm. So why are people going wild about this modern take on a country house wall mount?

Modern tastes no longer lend themselves to once live animals to be mounted on the wall. however, our fascination with this majestic yet elusive animal still exists. Many people still want a stag head to grace their walls but are now doing it in a modern and striking way, adding a stunning focal point to a feature or gallery wall.

A Short History of Stag Head Wall Mounts

There is no natural predator to deer in the UK and originally deer head mounts were the result of deer management programs. This involved a highly-skilled, strategic approach, often selecting the animal within the herd due to sickness or age. The stag heads were then mounted to show respect for this great animal.

What are Resin Stag Heads?

These deer or stag head wall mounts are made from a strong resin, which is cast or 3D printed in geometric angles to create the head of a deer. The antlers are cast separately and fitted to the head once it has been mounted on the wall.

Did you know? Antlers grow on males only and are thought to be one of the most exaggerated secondary sexual traits in the animal kingdom!

What size are Resin Stag Heads and What are the Dimensions with Antlers?

The deer heads come in many sizes but the small, medium and large stag heads are the most popular and will suit most walls. They are easy to hang and create a striking presence.

geometric resin stag heads
  • Small: Width: 34cm x Depth: 14cm Height: 28cm
    • Weight: 840gms
  • Medium: Width: 43cm x Depth: 16cm Height: 36cm
    • Weight: 1kg
  • Large: Width: 50cm x Depth: 20cm Height: 49cm
    • Weight: 2 kg

There are, of course, many different sizes, colours and designs to suit your decor. and you can find many of them here.

Resin Stag/Deer Heads

From £49.00
Geometric Resin Stag/Deer Head in Five Vibrant Colours and with different sizes available.

Stag Head Colours

The beauty of these wall mounts is their versatility. Across all sizes, they come in five colours, Pink, White, Yellow, Grey and Black.

Or you can go festive in winter and include a wireframe deer head with Christmas lights for the festive season!

How to mount a Resin Stag Head on the Wall

Just like a picture, animal mounts are easy to hang on the wall. There is a built-in slotted picture hanging plate fixed glued or screwed to the back of the stag head. This means the stag head will fit flush to the wall. Resin Stag heads are not that heavy and weigh between 800 grams and 2 kg, so a single screw or strong masonry nail will suffice. If you live in rented accommodation and don’t want to damage the walls then consider Command Picture Hanging Strips, which can hold up to 7 kg if used correctly and doesn’t leave holes, marks or sticky residue when removed.

Deer and your Garden

There are 6 species of deer that roam the British countryside and two are truly indigenous. Gardeners can be left frustrated by deer damage, understandably so. However, there is a lot you can do to deter the animal from attacking your plants and trees there is some great info on plants that deer might avoid at the British Deer