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Don’t worry if your lawn is starting to turn brown in patches.

Patches on a lawn can look as if they are turning brown and dying out. If there is a slightly pinkish or red tinge to the grass it is most likely to be  Red thread or Pink patch. These are two, similar and very common lawn diseases which occur in wet summers or particularly damp springs.

Although two different fungi, pink patch and red thread look the same but on closer inspection are quite different. Pink patch forms needles on the blades of grass where as red thread are just that, red threads of mycelium extending out from the blades of grass.

Treatment is very simple. Good husbandry of your lawn is important, aeration, scarification and regular feeding, all help towards a healthy, disease free lawn. Many advisors suggest a good dose of nitrogen feed, this will help the lawn grow through the disease. However, a simple spray of fungicide will suffice on most domestic lawns.