What Can I Grow Early In The Greenhouse

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Have you thought about growing an early crop of mangetout in the greenhouse? Sow in March and you could have a delicious crop of sweet mangetout by May.

Most peas are grown outside and will produce a lovely fresh harvest in July.There is something quite satisfying about sitting in a chair, shelling peas into a bowl and trying not to eat them all along the way!

Due to the time it takes for peas to reach maturity, it isn’t practical to grow peas in a greenhouse. This is mainly because the leaves can suffer from mildew which can then spread to your tomatoes or other susceptible plants.

However you can grow mangetout!

Sowing an early variety in March like Pea (mangetout)  ‘Norli’ by Duchy Originals could give you a great crop of mangetout in May.

Very simply, sow the seed 5cm deep in large pots, deep window boxes or straight into the greenhouse border. This variety grows about 24″ high with a spread of about 18″. You will need  a frame work for the plant to scramble over.  Use bamboo tied together to form a lattice or cut small hazel branches and push firmly in the soil or compost. In less than 8 weeks you could have a great harvest.

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