Which Month Should I Prune Roses?

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Which Month should I Prune Roses?

Roses should be pruned in March, with the exception of climbing and rambling roses. It is possible to prune roses slightly before March if the weather is warmer. When buds start to form on the stems, is nature’s signal that the weather is warm enough to start pruning.

Which Month Should I Prune a Climbing Rose?

Climbing roses should be pruned in November. If left unpruned, climbing roses can become tangled and are less likely to flower. November is a good month to prune climbing roses because the leaves and flowers will have dropped allowing you to see stems that need reducing and tieing in.

Which Month Should I Prune a Rambling Rose?

Rambling roses should be pruned in August once the flowers have faded. Rambling roses flower once in early summer. Reducing stems in August will improve air circulation and will reduce the chance of disease. Tie stems horizontally to increase the chance of abundant flowering.

When is the Best Time to Hard Prune or Renovate Roses?

Hard pruning roses or rose renovation should be done in December. Remove all dead stems and a maximum of 2 of the oldest woody stems, as close to the ground as possible. Reduce any existing stems by up to one third no greater than 5 mm above the bud.

How do I Know What Kind of Rose I Have?

Identifying which rose you have can easily be determined by its growing and flowering habit. Taking note of these habits over one season, will not only help you identify the rose but help you decide how best to care for the plant. Below is a quick guide to identifying which rose you might have:

  • Hybrid Teas
    • Hybrid Tea roses have large flowers on single stems throughout the summer.
  • Floribundas
    • Floribunda roses have clusters of flowers on short stems throughout the summer.
  • Climbing Roses
    • Climbing roses generally flower more than once on multiple stems of up to 10 feet.
  • Rambling Roses
    • Rambling roses flower once in early summer and can grow between 12 and 20 feet.
  • Miniature and Patio Roses
    • Miniature roses and patio roses have small leaves, stems and flowers and have a spread of between 18 and 24″
  • Shrub Roses
    • Shrub roses have an abundance of flowers on long arching stems which often have a profusion of thorns.

How to Prune an Unknown Rose

If you are struggling to identify the rose that requires pruning. Don’t worry you won’t kill the rose! Prune the stems by half in March and never remove all the stems.

How Can I Look After my Roses? – A Quick Guide

  • Apply a general rose fertiliser in March.
  • Regularly deadhead the flowers as soon as they start to fade.
  • Spray the plant in March with an all-purpose rose insecticide and fungicide like Rose Clear.
  • Prune roses annually to keep the plant in check.