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Thinking of ideas for gifts can be a hard task at the best of times and gifts for gardeners who have everything can be no exception.

It is always tempting to plump for the Garden Gift Voucher which, I have to say, is never a wasted present. Gardens can be a personal thing so choosing ornaments could get you into that “deep water” situation of personal taste.

Buying plants can also be a difficult choice to make throwing up questions such as: “Will the plant survive in the soil they have?” Let’s not mention making a flower colour faux pas and giving purple and later finding out that is the colour they hate most!

Garden tools are also a difficult choice. They tend to last for years and gardeners become particularly attached to their “favourite trowel” and are reluctant to throw old faithfuls in the bin if a new one comes their way.

So what is available for the gardener who has everything?

Best Unusual Gardening Gift Ideas 2020

Gardeners are unenthusiastic about buying consumables themselves, preferring to spent their money on planting. Use this as a reason for buying one season sillies like Garden Log Torches for example. These single use items may only last one evening but they will be the talking point of the garden.

I have put together a list of unusual gardening gift ideas for the gardener who has everything. I hope it will give you some horticultural inspiration!

Automatic Plant Tie Machine

The best garden gift! If there is one tool I couldn’t do without as a professional gardener, its the Automatic Garden Tie Tool. With a simple squeeze of the handle, this clever machine enables you to secure plant stems to bamboo canes or support wires. No need to fiddle around with balls of string and scissors! Great for vines, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or just plant that you need to tie to a support!

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Cooking in the garden is more popular than ever but knowing when the food is cooked can be the most difficult part. This super WIFI thermometer sends information to your smart phone to let you know when the food is cooked on the BBQ. The Meater even works in your kitchen oven for Sunday roasts!

Wildlife Photographs

If you love gardening then wildlife will probably be close to your heart. Wildlife photographer Simon Booker captures stunning pictures of British wildlife in their habitat. These captivating pictures are available in a variety of formats from Prints to Canvas. The only difficulty will be, which picture to choose!

wildlife pictures on canvas

Garden Wall Art

It’s not easy to cover walls in a garden, especially if you don’t want to grow climbers on the walls of your house. Garden wall art is becoming ever more popular and with modern paints and materials made for exterior use, there is no limit to outdoor wall decor.

OONI Portable Pizza Ovens

We all love cooking outdoors but cooking a restaurant quality pizza at home isn’t always easy! Ooni Pizza ovens cook incredibly fast. The oven is ready to cook on within 15 and will cook a single pizza in just under 60 seconds… Now that is fast!

ooni pizza oven
From £229

Cooking Logs

A great one off, single use, eco log burner. No chemical igniters required and ready to cook on in 20 minutes.

in stock
4 new from £7.47
as of 17th May 2022 4:13 pm

RHS Gifts and Vouchers

royal horticultural society gift vouchers

The Royal Horticultural Society offers Vouchers, Gifts and Memberships from as little as £5 gift vouchers to full memberships which can included subscriptions to The Garden Magazine, free entry to gardens and priority bookings.

Bluetooth Plant Monitors

The ultimate garden gadget. These digital plant monitors can tell you when they need feeding, watering, temperature changes and much more using an app on any mobile device.

Claw Digging Garden Gloves

One hand of these gloves (supplied as a Pair) has durable claws fitted to help in scratching out weeds and planting holes. Protects the ends of the fingers and stops the inevitable broken nail! Available in different sizes.

Blaze Box

An outdoor BBQ accessory. The Blaze Box sits on top of an existing bbq which heats up the base stone ready to cook a homemade pizza in minutes. Not only can it cook pizzas but flatbreads, meats and fish too.

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as of 17th May 2022 4:13 pm

Wireless Bird Box Camera Kit

A tiny wireless camera that can be fitted to any existing bird box allowing day and night time vision of the “residents” on a pc or laptop.

Cordless Secateurs

Bosch Cordless Pruners are power-assisted secateurs. A must have tool in the garden, brilliant for rose pruning with 3 power settings. Great for sufferers of arthritis or for gardeners who just can’t find the strength anymore. We have written a separate post on the different models available HERE.

AeroGarden Soil-less Indoor Garden

Indoor growing kit – Grow fresh herbs & salads all year round A full spectrum grow light. Using hydroponics (water), no messy soil. Reminds you when it needs a water top-up. Automatic lighting. Great for growing herbs and salads throughout the winter.

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as of 17th May 2022 4:13 pm

Personalised Wood Chopping Board

Personalise a lovely wooden chopping board with a message or text of your choice. Super accurate laser engraving on hardwood. Can be carved on, chopped on or used simply to serve food on. There are many different styles of personalised chopping boards, just click the Visit Retailer Button to see a myriad of choices.

Smart Gadgets for the Garden

Smart plugs and light bulbs have been available in our homes for some time and now they are starting to venture outside. These waterproof wonders give us the option to have voice-operated or timed smart plugs which can control anything in the garden from water features to garden lighting. Sound is also playing a huge part in the garden and with waterproof bluetooth speakers – some even disguised as rocks! now available, there’s no excuse not to fill your garden with music or bird song. Read our post on other smart accessories available for the garden HERE.

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as of 17th May 2022 4:13 pm

No Mess Desktop Hydroponics

These beautiful Desktop Hydroponic Planters with Wooden Frame are a great addition to the home or office tabletop.  Hydroponic plant growing is a no-mess, no-fuss way to bring plants into your home or office

Desktop hydroponics £16.99

Egg Garden Flower Pots

Gardens can be all about talking points and this gorgeous Egg Garden Flowerpot is no exception. A ceramic egg and carton designed flower pot set, which can be used inside or outside in the garden. An unusual lovely way of growing small plants.

Egg planting pots £49

Cordless garden tools also make great presents. Have a look at our post on How to Choose Cordless Garden Tools

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