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Artificial grass is fast becoming one of the garden landscape’s ‘must haves’ due to its low maintenance and all year round good looks. However, if you own a dog it is very likely you will be needing to clean dog urine or dog poo off the artificial grass more often than you would like! 

Your artificial lawn will drain as well as a conventional lawn, so there is no problem with liquids passing through into the ground below. However this can leave behind bacteria and in the heat of the summer and  with little rain, this could soon become a problem. Unfortunately dog poo wont wash away easily without the use of a cleaning product and some brushing.

Have no fear, fortunately artificial grass is incredibly robust and there is a range of products you can use to get your artificial lawn looking and smelling like a freshly mown lawn!

Whats the difference between Enzyme Cleaners and Artificial Grass Cleaners/Deodorisers?

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners break down uric acid crystals which cannot be broken down by water. Uric acid crystals form below your synthetic lawn on the base and attach to the backing of the artificial grass. Pet Enzyme Cleaners are an important part of eliminating odours, manufacturers produce them to break down urine and specifically, in this case, dog pee on your grass. It is important to treat the whole area thoroughly as the crystals continue to multiply and spread over a large area especially in warm humid temperatures.

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Artificial Grass Cleaners and Deodorisers

An all in one product for cleaning, disinfecting and deodourising. It will also kill the inevitable moss growth which could take hold if not controlled. These cleaners come in  a range of fragrances from, the smell of a freshly cut lawn to lavender meadow.

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How to Clean Artificial Grass

To keep your artificial lawn in tip top condition, keep the surface free from loose debris and try not to leave spills or animal waste sitting on the grass for too long.

  1. Remove debris

    Using a cheap cordless blower or plastic rake remove the loose debris, like leaves and twigs from the area.

  2. If present, remove animal waste and liquid

    Remove any solids, then use a pet waste enzyme cleaner to break down uric acid crystals.

  3. Freshen and clean the artificial grass

    If you do not own a pet and simply want to clean and freshen your artificial grass, use an artificial grass cleaner/deodoriser, These cleaners come as a concentrate, so can be applied neat for heavily soiled areas or mixed with water and then applied with a watering can or sprayer for lightly soiled areas. Use a rubber broom to agitate the grass, working the cleaner between the blades. There is no need to wash down the area after application unless using the product at full strength.

How to Remove Stains from Artificial Grass/Turf

Most artificial grasses are stain resistant, if food or drink spills on your lawn, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Remove stubborn stains using a warm, soapy water solution and a sponge or soft brush. You can also use an oxygen stain remover such as  vanish to lift the stain. Chewing gum can be removed easily by applying an ice cube to the gum and then gently peeling away from the blades.

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