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We all love our pets. However, they are not overly fussy about where they do their business unless they are impeccably trained or if the weather is particularly inclement. This can lead to unpleasant odours and stains in our surrounding areas.

The closest area for the dog to pee is right outside the back door, usually on the patio! This can soon lead to our patios turning green and smelling, rather unpleasantly, of dog urine.

Dog pee and other animal urine can be removed and neutralised, quickly and easily. This is done firstly, by understanding what causes the smell of dog urine and secondly, the correct cleaner to use when cleaning up animal pee.

Why does my patio still smell of dog urine?

Whether your patio is made from concrete or stone, it will be porous. The liquid will be soaked up by the stone and create a rather nice environment for the bacteria to grow – not what you want! It is this bacteria that causes the smell which needs to be treated.

What can I use to remove dog urine from my patio

The simple answer is Pet Enzyme Cleaners. These brilliant cleaners use “good” bacteria to break down waste. As dog urine dries,  it creates uric acid crystals which causes the smell and these crystals cannot be broken down by water alone.

There are many enzyme cleaners on the market, each containing different enzymes that make them effective against different waste. For example, there are enzyme cleaners for clearing up dog and cat pee smells and there are general household enzyme cleaners that attack fats and grease.

Please don’t use household bleach! The runoff into the ground can be very damaging to plants, ponds and lawns.

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Sealing the area

Once the area has been totally cleaned and the enzyme cleaner has been left to work on the bacteria. Seal the concrete or patio with a liquid sealer. This will help to prevent any future ingress of urine into the concrete or patio surface. They are easy to apply with a soft broom and will help reduce the effects of dog urine on your concrete or patio.

How To Clean Dog Urine From Patios and Pavers

  1. Remove Loose Debris

    Give the area a light sweep, removing leaves and other debris.

  2. Rinse Area

    Using clean freshwater, rinse the area.

  3. Apply Solution

    Mix the enzyme cleaning solution as directed and apply using a deck brush to work into the surface.

  4. Cover area

    Although not always necessary, you can cover the area with a plastic sheet.
    Leave the area alone and allow the enzyme cleaner to work. Don’t be tempted to rinse the patio.

  5. Seal the Surface

    To prevent future ingress of dog pee, use a patio/concrete sealing solution. 

Removing dog and cat urine stains from carpets

If your pet doesn’t manage to make it outside and your carpet takes a hit, don’t worry, there are enzyme cleaners for this too. These upholstery enzyme cleaners come in the form of powders which you can sprinkle on the wet area and leave for ten minutes, absorbing any dampness. Then simply vacuum up the powder.

If the accident has dried on the bedding or carpet, simply re-wet the area with glass of water and then apply the powder and vacuum up after ten minutes.

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