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Wet weather can soon take it’s toll on your wooden deck. If you want to remove green algae from your deck and make it look like new, a good clean with sodium percarbonate can really brighten and refresh the wood.

There are many deck cleaners and wood revivers on the market and they all do a good job. You only have to read some of the reviews of these products on  Patio and Deck Cleaners Best Sellers list  to see that you are not wasting your money. However there is a kinder, safer product out there which does just as good a job!

Why use Sodium Percarbonate to remove green algae from your deck?

Apart from being safe to use around the home and garden, sodium percarbonate will not damage the plants or grass around your decking. When mixed with water, sodium percarbonate produces oxygen. It is this oxygen that lifts the dirt from the deck.

7 Good reasons to use Sodium Percarbonate to clean your decking

  1.  100% No Odour. There really is none, zero, zilch!
  2.  Eco friendly, no impact on the environment.
  3.  No staining of surrounding areas.
  4.  No nasty chemicals hanging around in the garage or shed. Sodium percarbonate has many different uses in the home too.
  5. Prevents regrowth of algae.
  6. It is non toxic and non corrosive. It simply breaks down organic stains and bacteria using oxygen which help to the lift dirt from the surface, sterilising and d-eodourising as it goes.
  7. Safe for pets and the family

The best way to remove green algae and clean decking with Sodium Percarbonate.

How to clean a grooved deck with sodium percarbonate

Total Time: 40 minutes

Wet the deck

Using a hosepipe, spray the whole deck with water

Add the sodium percarbonate granules

Wearing gloves, Sprinkle the sodium percarbonate granules over the whole deck.

Allow the granules to dissolve

Wait 20 minutes, the dirt will start to bubble up off the deck.
Give the deck a light scrub with a deck brush and then rinse off with fresh water

Allow the deck to dry

As the deck dries it will gradually lighten in colour over the following days. This is a perfect time to oil or seal your deck to protect it from the harsh weather.

How much sodium percarbonate do I need?

Use 40 grams per square metre. For example, a deck 5m long x 3m wide = 15sqm, will use approximately 600g of sodium percarbonate.

how to clean decking
The oxygen produced, lifts the dirt from the deck
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