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How To Make Your Lawn Thicker and Greener Fast

I have written a few posts on lawns to help readers tackle problem lawns. One of the most common questions though, “Is how can I make my lawn thicker and greener?”

The good news is, you CAN make your lawn thicker and greener very quickly using the right fertiliser. However, remember, this is a quick solution and there is no substitute for good lawn husbandry, i.e. aeration and scarification.

  • You can make lawns greener and thicker by using high nitrogen feeds.
  • You can make lawns look greener by using high iron lawn tonics.

Using Different Fertilisers to Make Lawns Thicker and Greener Fast

  1. Using a High Nitrogen Feed

    Look on the packet of fertiliser for the NPK information box, it looks like this, 22-5-8. The first figure is nitrogen %, the higher the number the better. Anything above 20 will be very effective. High Nitrogen Feeds

    how to make grass greener fast

  2. Use High Iron Content Fertiliser

    These high iron feeds are usually sprayed on, so not as easy to apply. As with the high nitrogen feeds, look for the NPK info box on the back of the packet it looks like this 14-3-7 +Fe %, the Fe being the iron content. High Iron Lawn Tonics

    how to make my lawn greener and thicker

The Best Way to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good 

Fertilisers are very good at boosting lawns to look good but this can be expensive and not ideal for the environment. With an annual program of doing the basics of lawn care, your grass will thrive.

  1. Removing moss and thatch from your lawn (scarifying), will remove the competition to the grass allowing more grass to grow, giving a thicker sward.
  2. Aerating or slitting the lawn allows the lawn to breathe. Gases build up below soil level which cannot escape. These gases effectively suffocate the roots of the grass, stifling the grass growth above ground. 
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